Wednesday, February 13, 2008

catching up-

Joe's gratitude journal

Yesterday I saw the movie Juno. I liked it. It was another independent, quirky film that was different. I had no idea how it ended so it was a surprise. I hate it when 3 minute long trailers give you a complete synopsis of a movie including all the good parts and the end. Why am I going to pay $8 to see this movie when you just told me the ending? And if the trailer doesn't tell you, the reviewers will. So annoying! It really is time for some movies worth seeing!

I can't wait for our new theatres to be built because the ones here are old and stale. They smell and are not stadium seating. And the popcorn is horrifically expensive. I love movie popcorn but I can't justify $13 for a popcorn and soda. Come on! That is just crazy town - and to eat it in a theatre that smells stale and musty? I gotta draw the line.

Last night was an unrestful night as we had big storms in the area. We got a torrential downpour at about midnight with tornado warnings embedded. We were up for about 45 minutes watching the weather coverage on TV but the tornadic weather stayed just north of us. It was cool that I knew everything that the meterologist was talking about because I watch Twister Sisters and had learned all about wall clouds, shear and hail signatures. Thank you, TiVo!

I am back at work on the acrylic Christmas album. I am enjoying that.

My computer is better. We have a super virus protection on it. Now we are having to figure out how much protection we can live with and how much is just slowing things down. Still haven't figured out how to get Blogger to load photos quickly again. So we are still in transition but the computer did not crash and burn so we are making progress.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Not a favorite holiday of mine. I think of it much like New Year's Eve. It is a holiday that never lives up to its hype. We are going to forego gifts and instead take a trip to St Augustine this weekend and stop at - yippee- the new Hobby Lobby! Woo Hoo. Keep your flowers and chocolate and give me a shopping trip to a craft store ANYDAY!

And as Joe continues to grow in his art (which is so cool!), I bring him home little treats from the weekly pilgrimage to Michael's and AC Moore. It feels weird to bring home rub-ons or patterned paper to my husband but he uses them and truly liked them. I do stay in the maps, clocks, calendars and ledger paper arena which is where he is most interested but it is scrapbooking supplies nonetheless. Who knew??

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