Monday, February 11, 2008

album - UPDATED

I am trying to upload photos of the album but so far no freakin' luck. I will try again at another time.

edit: I got more to load SLOOOWWWLLYY
page 1 (acrylic cover open)

page 2 - love how you can see thru the layers to the page(s) underneath so that they "share" elements. Note: You have to put same sized/shaped elements on the back of pages or else you can see the backside and adhesive of the front page. Tricky!
page 3 - the left hand page is a photo collage done in PhotoShop Elements of favorite rescued ornies. I created a pocket for a tag between the front and back photo.
page 4 - on this page I printed journaling (on the computer) onto a transparency and then painted the backside white so the printing would show up better and be more readable. Star rub-ons
page 5 - left page is old Christmas card (thrift store) right page created by photo back to back with another- added circle tab for easy page turning
page 6 - same sized photo on back (left hand) and a collage made from 2x2 photos (used square punch) white paint accent from next page shows thru to create frame
old Christmas card, matted and then white paint frame (I like how it looks like a frosted window)
last page completed - now back to work!

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Bobbie said...

Sooooo cute! I'm so glad your grumpy computer allowed you to share.