Monday, January 28, 2008

Isn't that scrapbooking?!

Why yes, yes it is. The last 12x12 layout I did was back in JULY 07! Can you believe it? No, me either. I have been SO busy exploring other mediums that traditional s'b'ing has really taken a back seat to everything else. But just to even things out, I also did 2 more playing cards in the Emily Falconbridge series that I started last February and haven't completed. Yet... I am working on that now too.

Today was craft day with Steff and then we had Korean dinner. We had left over mandu filling so we just HAD to finish it off. And I made my own daikon radish kim-chee that was so good even if the house did smell like a rotting garbage can. It was delish! And I MADE kim-chee. Gotta say I am pretty proud of that.

Gonna go celebrate my accomplishments with a chin high bubble bath.

Guess what?! I vote YES. You knew I would!

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Cassie said...

Very cute Mom. Love the white font.