Sunday, November 18, 2007


I just can't wait any longer to start my Christmas decorating. As I have taken a holy oath to enjoy this holiday season as much as is possible, I am doing things as they feel right. It is time to start.

Jarrett and I have been making these cool ornaments from a deck of cards. Saw it here.
My fav creative people are all over the Christmas holiday projects and they are making me cRAzY with Craft Fever. Sadly, there is no cure - you can treat the symptoms with glue sticks and ribbon but you just have to let it run its course!

I am loving the way they look. Put them on my lanai tree which is already up and decorated. It was such fun. I bought the tree at a garage sale for $4 and the ornies from garage sales and thrift shops. Nothing on it costs more than $1 and most were .25.

I bought all kinds of vintage style ornaments and only unbreakable items. It is outside (though covered and screened) so no glass.

Today I put up my mini tree which is all animals. It is a favorite of mine. Love all the varied styles of animals and teddy bears tucked in. There is something so special to me about this little tree. So, I guess we will have 4 trees this year as the big tree has not gone up nor has Jarrett's mini tree in his room.

Jarrett has all next week off for Thanksgiving. Is this a GOOD thing? Hmmm. I will keep him busy with crafts and decorating.

How is it coming where you are?

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Bobbie said...

Last night I wrapped some Christmas presents and my roommate made fun of me... but seriously, I have a lot to do in December and it is time to get down to business! : )

Love the ornaments... and the fact that you are going to have four trees... and Christmas in general - I am oddly excited again this year.