Monday, November 19, 2007

Handmade/Rescued Christmas

I have been reading about a new movement that is gaining popularity of making Christmas a more handmade Christmas. The Etsy community (online stores for artists and crafters - check it out of you are not familiar with it) is getting some notice in this new movement. I really like the idea of NOT buying from China and buying things that are handmade in our own country. I like supporting the crafters and artists in our country who cannot compete with the cheap cheap items being imported from Asian countries. There are so many political and ethical issues that go along with this movement that I will not address. I will address the cuteness factor.

This guy is a rescue. Bought him at a thrift store. And while he was indeed made in China (the sticker was still on his back) he was on someone else's tree and was sitting forlornly at a thrift shop hoping for a new home. I can break the rules for a rescue.

This is another rescue. This adorable mailbox was filled with the tackiest Christmas pick I have ever seen. I pulled it out, peeled off all the old hot glue, added some ribbon and declared it open for business. Jarrett and Joe made the cutest postcards to Santa to put inside. The messages to Santa about gifts are so clever and funny. Love them. Now this ornament is special to our family.

Steff has a particular pet peeve of finding cross stitched items at thrift stores. It really upsets her to see someone's hard work now sitting on a dusty shelf with a $1.00 tag on it. As a stitcher, she knows how many hours it takes to make even the simplest design. I bought this (for a buck) brought it home added ribbons and hung it on a doorknob. It is now getting the honor it deserves. Who knows what the story is behind this. I like the happy ending.

This guy was also on a thrift store shelf. He is now sitting on the sofa table with my animal tree. He is happy there.

This wreath was bought new this weekend at a local craft show. I bought three pieces from this lady who loves her craft. The show was not busy so she gave me an awesome deal so I could buy the three pieces I wanted. That was a win-win situation.

I also bought a bagful of jewelry from a 16 year old entrepreneur who buys vintage costume jewelry and reworks it. Her stuff was so cool. Loved it. Very inexpensive but every bead has a story. Love that.

I am all about the story.

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