Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Andrews/Roughton visit

Angela, Randy and Jessie were just here for a visit. It was so good to have them with us for a few days. The time went quickly as always.

Angela and I got some time to craft together. We had to visit the local craft stores and YES, I took her to see McCrafty. I talked to the young cashier and here is what we know. McCrafty's name is Patrick, he is a manager and is in his mid 20's. I told the cashier that we would not be calling him "Patrick" that SO does not fit the picture in my head. My apologies to anyone named Patrick but that is not the image!!

After our McCrafty sighting, we did some serious crafting. We made new art journals and then created covers for them using some of my new favorite techniques and Angela's new clear stamps (from Michael's). Love them!

Here we are on the lanai with project.

Took the gang to Crabby Joe's for the Famous Fish Sandwich and the eating IN the water experience. Fun as always!

Sunday we went to Downtown Disney to the Festival of the Masters Art Show. It was a pretty day with a nice breeze that kept us mostly cool.

Here is the newest Lego creation outside of LegoLand.

Some gorgeous sidewalk art. Giraffes - a favorite!

Then we left A,R & J at Fort Wilderness where they will be this week going to Disney. With no plan. We discussed many times how I felt about that. I even had the waitress at Olive Garden telling them the value of a Plan, Fast Passes and a show schedule. But they want a different experience so here's hoping that they have a great time and see everything that they want.

How's it going, Ang?

I will post any further updates I get from Elizabeth as they come in. Yesterday was a postal holiday. Wonder what her mailbox will look like today?!

BTW - I got Life Artist by Ali Edwards. Wow - good! I caught Joe reading it in bed. He thought it was great too!

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Bobbie said...

I can't believe you got the low down on McCrafty.

You are too, too much. : )