Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Customer Service

Today Steff and I went to AC Moore and Michael's with our 40% off coupons. After a frustrating time in AC Moore because I had forgotten The List, we decided to run through Michael's just to see if they had anything to use our coupons on.


Steff decided that she would get the pieces for her Christmas village that she had been watching. In the world's widest stroke of luck, she could not reach one of the boxes. We found someone and asked for somebody to help us in the Christmas village aisle.

Up walks a Michael's employee that makes us both swoon. We are trying to play it cool. But we can see each other's brain whirling.

Ohmigod! This guy is gorgeous - the best eye candy I have seen in quite some time. And he is reaching up to the top shelf to grab a box and then hands it to my sister. It is ALL we can do not to dissolve into schoolgirl giggles and blush. "Thank you," she says deadpan.

He has this whole indie art look going. His hair is longish, the kind that he keeps sweeping out of his eyes - great eyes - continuously. You can imagine him as an art student that is sensitive and very artistic. He would paint you a picture of flowers rather than buy them for you. He is in his 20's. Yes, I did the math - I could be his mom. That is not where my mind was going.

"McCrafty", Steff says.

YES! McCrafty. So... when you come to visit, you just whisper "McCrafty" and we will jump in the car and I will take you to go see my favorite local sight. Trust me, it is worth the trip.

Hey - am I out of paint AGAIN? I better go get some tomorrow! This camera?? Ummm - it is for an assignment in my Heidi Swapp class?

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