Monday, October 15, 2007

free stuff

This is most of the free stuff I got at CKU. Who knew that it was a free for all of free stuff? I seriously thought at one point ENOUGH - I can't keep track of all this stuff you keep handing me! While it is was wonderful being exposed to new companies and product, it became a logistical nightmare - you need a system to keep up with all the stuff.

Another thing I learned is Go To Everything. If all you do is walk in, get the stuff and then walk out, that is OK. I got literally hundreds of dollars worth of stuff in giveaway, door prizes and class materials. And I did not go to everything.

Name tag handmade for each class participant by Ali. See what I mean about her?

And my favorite - right after the picture with her - she signed my book. I know - it sounds like fan stalkerish by now but I really really - well, you know.

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