Sunday, October 14, 2007


So - how do I tell this story?

I wish I could just mindmeld with you ala Spock on Star Trek. It is too much to do a good job with it so I am going to have to condense. That is probably all you want anyway.

First, let me start off by telling you that this story is at least three stories in one. If it were a movie, then you would give the movie a C because the plot was too complicated and complex.
There is the story of going alone, the story of CKU itself and the story of what happened in our family at the same time.

Condensed version:
I went to CKU and enjoyed it. Some of my classes were priceless (Ali Edwards) some were disappointing (Becky Higgins) and some I did not go to. I learned so much about events and how to do them and not do them. I learned what I am capable of. I learned how things can happen and still be OK. I learned that three stories occurring simultaneously has consequences.

Family - on Thursday Jarrett and another kid (senior) got into a fight on the bus. Here is what I can piece together. The kid had been dogging Jarret for awhile. Jarrett retaliated by teasing the kid about his Hispanic ethnicity. The kid retaliated by punching Jarrett in the face. Eight stitches later at the ER, Joe and I both racing home from Orlando while my sister tried to hold down the fort and get hold of us at the same time (she did a fabulous job!) - both kids are suspended from school. Jarrett for 3 days, the senior for 10. The school, police and hospital were involved and consequently I missed 2 classes and one night at CKU.

So, I went back to CKU cos I was NOT missing Ali Edwards unless I absolutely had to. So - did I have the full experience? No. Was I completely present? No. I was determined and yet distracted and foggy all at the same time.

CKU is a huge event. It takes all kinds of strategizing, researching, and foreknowledge. I had none of these. I would do again in a heartbeat. I would do everything differently. I equate it with Disney. Go with a PLAN or go with a LOBOTOMY. (That is the first line of my fav Disney guide.

I was introduced to new product that I am excited about (Fancy Pants Designs, Stemma by Masterpiece Studios). I learned that everything you have heard about Tim Holtz's classes and his groupies is true. The projects coming out of his class were SO cool. Anna Griffin line has a great class - while her papers are not my style - I loved the album they made. I would change the papers but the techniques? Way cool.

I learned that Becky Higgins is adorable but not a class I would take again - that sentiment was echoed by everyone that I talked to. Skip Becky. And I will be in anything Ali Edwards teaches ever. She is open and real and friendly and well, I admire the hell out of her. She is better than I expected and my expectations were already really high. Jessica Sprague's classes were getting rave reviews. She is much smaller and had darker hair than I expected. She has such presence on the audio tutorials that I expected her to be tall not petite. And Emily Adams from Luxe Designs was a hoot - did not love the project but I thought she was lots of fun. You wanted to have lunch with her and just chat.

The venue was good for the classes - sucked for the hotel rooms. I had to make them move me cos my room was so smelly it made me sick. So the Wyndham Resort on International gets a big no from me. Why wasn't I at last year'd CKU at the Gaylord Palms : (

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