Sunday, October 7, 2007

Family Days

Jarrett and I went to Port Orange Family Days yesterday. A little community celebration that happens annually in our town. It was very nice. Kinda of nostalgic - small town feel. Like you kept waiting for the Orange Princess and her court to appear around the corner. It was very Fanny Flagg novel-esque.

We walked around and checked things out. Had a candied apple for old time's sake - very fall in NY feeling. Jarrett is really too young to remember fall festivals in NY or trip to Behling's Apple Farm. It had that feel to it except for the steep difference in temperatures.

We checked out the sidewalk art section. Very colorful - very cool. I loved the above geometric pattern. I am going to use this as an inspiration for a painting. The colors are so appealing to me.

We got calzones and strombolis and brought them home for dinner in front of the DVD player. Jarr and I are watching Season 1 of Heroes. So far, we really like it.

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