Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Marine Discovery Camp

Jarrett is in camp all this week at the Marine Discovery Center. It is his 3rd year at this camp as we usually enrolled him when we came down for vacation. It is a day camp that offers snorkeling, cast netting, fishing and exploring the estuaries here learning alot about marine biology. Needless to say, Jarrett loves this camp. It is run by a young marine biologist, Chad, that Jarrett really likes. They each have a scientist's soul and recognize that in each other. It is a nice relationship.

So this week, I am the chauffeur back and forth to camp about 20-25 minutes away. It is just far enough to make the round trip seem like a chunk out of my day. My days are full this week.

I scrapbooked a layout for the first time in a llloooonnnnggg time. I have been altering and stamping but not s'booking. Was a nice change though I admit to feeling a bit rusty!

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