Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hot vs. Funny and Sweet

Today was Freshman Orientation at Jarrett's new high school. It was only half the class as the other half goes tomorrow and still it was a huge amount of kids. While I was standing in line to get Jarrett's schedule changed (he had 2 gyms and no Biology - oops!), a gaggle of teen girls with Coach purses, cell phone and long, straight hair - you know the ones - were discussing whether some boy was "hot" or "funny and sweet". It was clear from their conversation that "funny and sweet" was the consolation category. Kind of like - "well, she has a good personality".
It was so strange knowing that my kid was going to get categorized, labelled and decided whether he was hot or not. And it would matter...
High school is such a strange place with so many ambivalent memories. Some great and some heart wrenching - at least at the time. Now, who remembers any of that crap?
There was a guy who sat next to me in homeroom for 3 years cos his last name was alphabetically very close to mine. I admired him from afar all throughout high school. I have no idea what his name is.
Good luck to all our kids who are starting another year!

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