Monday, July 9, 2007

It isn't?

It was a gorgeous day here today as long as you were in the pool. Or inside with the A/C cranked down. It was hot!

I decided that I was going to play in the pool today. Jarrett had hurt his ankle over the weekend so a day of lazy summer fun sounded perfect.
Tonight after dinner and the documentary The US vs. John Lennon (strangely parallels today's political scene - hmmm - that is another topic), I was changing into my nightgown and looked down to see pinkness.
I asked Joe - "Am I burned?" I definitely have a sunburn.
Joe asked me what I had put on before going out in the sun. Uh, nothing. I just limited my time in the sun to short stints getting into the shade frequently. He looked at me like I was crazy.
Okay, I admit it. It was stupid. Counting on the sun to reflect off the blinding whiteness of my skin was not wise. Next time, sun screen.

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