Sunday, July 8, 2007

Crabby Joe's

Had dinner here last night. The cool thing about this place is that it is on a pier out in the ocean. The windows were all open to the elements and the whole building sways as the waves hit the pylons it is built on. When you look at the floor, you can see thru the cracks between the boards and see the water below. All this AND they have a great fish sandwich.

Last night it was lightening out over the ocean and you could watch it hit the water in the distance. Very bright lightening against the blue gray sky and blue water. After I took this one photo, the batteries on my camera gave out. I didn't think I got this one so this a great surprise. I do not know why I can't read the battery charge indicator but I can't. It is not clear to me.

After we went to dinner, we stopped at WalMart for new rechargeable batteries for my camera (mine got borrowed and never returned - grrr!) and stocked up on Carnival Skittles. If you get a chance to try these - buy them. We bought a bunch of little bags, stopped at my sister's and had a Skittle tasting. My favorite is the Candy Apple which tasted JUST like a candy apple. They are amazing. Other flavors are Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Red Licorice, Green Slushie. All flavors are right on the money. So yummy and childlike.

After we left my sister's house, Jarrett wanted to see if we could get near the Pepsi 400 in Daytona which is 10 minutes from our house. The race had started so we crossed our fingers that it was not one big traffic snarl. We drove up to the site on the back roads and there was nobody on the roads. We took a road that went literally right along side the venue and the guys could see everything but the cars themselves. You could hear the cars and smell the rubber and feel the excitement of the crowd. It was a very cool experience. There were 2 blimps circling overhead. It was very cool and if my batteries had not been dead - well, you know.

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