Friday, July 13, 2007

The boys

So, meet the boys.

It is an interesting story of how the frogs came to be. As you can see on my blog banner, a Mexican pottery frog used to live by the pool at Secret Lake. I was hoping that the old owners of the house would leave the frog behind seeing as they were moving to Chicago. A Mexican frog in Chicago seems a bit out of place but maybe they loved that frog and he needed to make the move with them.

It became clear that we needed a new Secret Lake frog to take his place. Before we closed on the house, Steff bought me the tallest frog with his hands on his belly. He became Fernando. As we have gone along, we have discovered other frogs and they usually come home with us.

The littlest frog is Pedro (in honor of our favorite waiter at Casa Maya - which we still miss!)

The ceramic green frog with the brown belly is Santiago. He came to live with us today from the AC Moore garden clearance section.

His friend on the clearance rack, the metal "alien" frog, is also a candleholder. Can't wait to see that lit! His name is Xerses. Sounds like a good alien name.

So, I have never collected frogs before. Honestly never even been attracted to them but now they are a part of our new house.

Frogs - who'da guessed?!

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