Saturday, June 16, 2007


Jarrett continues to swim daily. Today he got a dip in the pool and the ocean. Love this picture of him! Such fun.

Joe is busy hanging things on the walls for me. More done - that is such a good thing. It helps make it seem more like home to see our things going up. It also helps to shorten the overwhelming list of things to be done.

Steff came over and we got to do some crafting. I was working on an assignment for my Heidi Swapp class while she was taking her first foray into altering. She is working on a clipboard.

Steff and I took our dad to lunch today in honor of Father's Day. About 5 minutes from my house is an unique neighborhood called Spruce Creek Fly-In. It is a community built on the love of planes and flying. The houses there range from large to ridiculous. Most houses have a hangar attached and back up to taxiways.

There is a small cafe right on the runway where you can have lunch and watch the planes take off and land. My dad was an airplane mechanic in the Air Force and has always loved airplanes. So needless to say, this was right up his alley -uh- runway? Even Steff and I enjoyed watching the planes. As we were driving up to the cafe, we had to cross the runway where there was a sign:

"Airplanes have right of way!"

You don't see that everywhere. And I did not have my camera with me. I am kicking myself. That would have been the perfect place to take a picture of my dad. Next time? Crap. Lesson learned - put camera in purse!!

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