Friday, June 15, 2007

By the glow of the pool

Yeah, I know this is a strange looking photo but I have not yet figured out how to photograph the pool at night with no light except the light IN the pool. In a way, I like this weird photo. It feels like it should be on a tabloid with a headline like, "Alien found in radioactive waste pond"

On our first night in the house, I was trying to turn on the light on the lanai and I hit the switch for the pool light instead. It was so dark outside and suddenly this green glow slowly filled the pool and then it lit up completely. The water seemed to float above the pool surface at first but then when my eyes adjusted I could see that it was just lit from below.

I quickly turned it off and called Joe, "come look at this". I had him stand in position and then I flipped the switch. "COOL!" Joe remarked. Of course, we had to do it several times like some strange kind of Morse Code of new pool owners.

The green glow has a very retro feel to it. I immediately thought about traveling as kid and staying at a motel with an outdoor pool that was lit at night. I was suddenly a child in the 60's. All I needed was some Monkees music in the background.

Weird but cool!

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