Thursday, June 21, 2007

Play date!

Guess who is coming to play with me??


Ang is coming into town to work at Stamp Fest. I am going to be hanging with her in Orlando part of the time and then she is coming to stay with me. I am going to hang out at Stamp Fest on Saturday learning new techniques and trying not to spend a gazillion dollars.

Wonder if they will accept my AC Moore coupon? Nah - probably not.

Then Angela will come here for several days of fun. We have no specific plans - just going to hang out and be spontaneous. We will do art, shop, swim and possibly go to the movies. BTW, the movie theatres here are high on my Skeevie Meter. Can't wait till the new multiplex about a mile from here gets built!

Oh, and talk. Yes, we can talk for hours and hours. Pretty sure that we will be sitting on the lanai for hours catching up. And drinking Sandi's Fruity Sangria (can't drink it without a toast to our friend, Joan who was instrumental in its first appearance in the Outer Banks -

We love you, Joan!)

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