Thursday, May 31, 2007


The chalkboard reads, "Yes, we live HERE!"
Transitions are such an odd thing. You know something in your head on a superficial level but the core of you does not accept it yet. It makes up stories that makes more sense and then surprises you with them in your thoughts.
"This is a vacation rental and we go home soon."
"This is a hotel and we go home tomorrow."
and my personal favorite...
"Where the hell are we?!"
Each morning when we wake up still in this house and not in Williamsburg, it becomes a bit more real. Seeing our stuff come out of boxes and finding a new home for it makes it a bit more real. Even getting mail with our name on it makes it a bit more real. A bit - just a bit. Ask me where I live and I am not sure what my brain will send to my tongue. Weird.
I think there should be a national movement to create "Just Moved Syndrome Understanding". That way everyone expects you to be dazed, confused, tired, and temporarily in a stupor. They completely understand when you don't know your phone number or struggle for your zip code. They will look sympathetically at you and say, " It's okay, baby - it is just JMS - it will pass. You are doing fine."
We are doing fine.

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