Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Chapel Hill - Part 2

Our bedroom-so many lists made in this room. Plans for our lives, plans for the kids, plans for our plans : ) This became my favorite room in the house. I loved it when it was clean and quiet. Snuggling up with a good book in my big fluffy robe. Aah...

Jarrett's room. This room went thru many transitions. Little boy room, boy room and then teen boy room. With Jarrett less is more. We tried to pare this room down to the barest essentials. Oh, the battles these walls have seen trying to get it clean. This room has been filthy!

Cassie's room - a girl's room, a teen room and then a guest room/college girl room. The color is a beautiful pomegranate color with little flecks of gold glitter that sparkled in the sunlight. I would have picked this room if I were a child.

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