Friday, September 17, 2010

Fun mail art embellishment.

This is my favorite new embellishment on mail art - fibers in the seam. I love the extra color and texture that it brings to the project that is generally fairly flat to go thru the mail. This just adds a pop of fun and whimsy.

Gather up 3-5 pieces of fiber in the colors that complement your project. Set your zigzag to a wide setting.

Hold in place as you stitch and go for it. If you miss some just go back over it in that spot. No ,worries. Everything in mail art is "more texture", there are NO mistakes.

Now you have this fun tactile texture element.

I also like it in horizontal pieces that are very much like fringe. Would that be "fringey"?

Even on a masculine piece I like the look. Just feed them under the sewing machine foot as you sew randomly.

Try it!

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