Friday, June 4, 2010

Knowledge is good

Let me tell you a couple of things about me. I am stubborn. Always was and probably always will be. I come from stubborn stock. I am also curious and love to learn. And I care. Put those factors together and you've got someone who is all about "what do we DO?!"

Give me a list. Give me a plan. I will so work the list/plan or die trying.

My plan is to KNOW BETTER.

Here is my list of KNOW BETTER-

  1. Question everything. This is not a time in our history when you take anything at face value. Research it, learn it, form your own conclusions.
  2. Don't buy it. There are very few agenda/spin/bias sources in this world. Read, learn and discuss. Vary your sources. See what the conservatives are saying. What are the liberals saying. What are the "kooks" saying. What do you believe is the truth based on real research?
  3. Follow the money. Ask the hard questions. Be willing to look like a "tin foil hat people" long enough to decide what has merit and what doesn't.
  4. Read, read and then listen. Read everything you can get your hands and don't forget that there are some great podcasts out there too.
  5. Break things down to its simplest questions. Is this true? Who benefits? What is the goal? And who is yelling the loudest?
  6. Watch the outcome. Who did benefit? What came to light in this crisis or what was the outcome that was totally unexpected by most? What is the lesson?
  7. Teach our children to question and decide for themselves. Instill core values that are never to be discarded or compromised. Right or wrong? The world will try to tell them everyday that gray is good, that gray is cool, and gray is where the smart people live. It is a lie.
  8. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  9. Faith is powerful.
  10. Find joy and laughter every day. When you have had enough and your brain is threatening to explode, take a break. Enjoy the simplest pleasures. Hug, laugh, snuggle, share, craft (you knew that was coming - I am still me!) and love.

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