Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Busy Couponing

Yes, you can find me at the stores scoring big savings. Last month I cut my grocery bill by at least 50% and saved in the neighborhood of $350 plus. That is a part time job!

How did we (my sister and I work together) buy $123.76 worth of groceries for $25.85? Couponing! And how are we getting an additional $6.38 back from this order? Rebates!

Not only are we saving money but we are sending our expired coupons to military families stationed in Turkey so that they can save money (the military stores will accept coupons up to 3 months past their expiration date) and Steff has a big box of food and personal care items going to a food bank/shelter full of things that were FREE after coupons.

On Sunday I went to CVS and tried "rolling" for the first time. (I am serious about this being a complete skill set that takes a while to learn - took us 2 months to get comfortable with what we are doing and we are still learning new things every day.) Rolling is when you split your purchases into separate transactions and "roll" the register rewards to the next transaction. You then pay for the next transaction with the rewards from the first. I walked away with 2 bags of toothpastes, bottled water, tampons, several 2 lt. Cokes and 1 gal milk having paid $8.50 in cash but with an additional $10 of register rewards that I will use later. Bottom line - I MADE $1.50 on the deal.

Who knew?!!!


Grace said...

I love this!! I do stuff like this all the time just supermarkets are tough here in NY. WE really can't find coupons anymore there are some on line but not in magazines and newspapers like years ago. Awesome job! Grace xoxox

Ginny said...

I'm not good at the grocery store because I can never seem to keep all my stuff together. However, I love CVS & Walgreens. I get so much free stuff from them. I barely use Rite Aid, but I really should take advantage of them as well. Good for you on the grocery savings!