Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ten things

Here is what I have been doing lately:

  1. Learning a new skill set - this time: couponing. If you want to learn how the pros save 25% -75% on their grocery bill, start here.
  2. Taking an online class - Shimelle's Make Something from almost nothing - a class on how to use your scrapbooking stash in new ways.
  3. Going to Grand Openings in our new shopping area. The crowds have been daunting. My favorite new store is Home Goods - love it. The one that I will frequent the most - Michael's.
  4. Continuing to watch the news of the day in politics, the economy and world events.
  5. Documenting the economic changes we see in a notebook that I have been keeping for 18 months. The changes are shocking over that time span.
  6. Watching Netflix movies. I can't believe how many of them never get finished because they are boring and such poor quality. My favorite in the last month is Lost in Austen.
  7. Watching American Idol and w a i t i n g for it to get good. This season so far has been a snooze fest. Joe and I are continuing our tradition of scoring the performances and 2/10 and 3/10 is the norm lately.
  8. Watching Lost and wondering how they are going to answer so many questions in just 9 more episodes. Is it just me or do you walk away shaking your head and saying "HUH?!"
  9. Working on my latest fabric journal and printing digital elements (mostly journaling blocks and gorgeous frames from House of 3) and cutting them out while doing #6 - #8 to use on my pages.
  10. Planning more day trips to Disney - have canceled two trips in the last month due to weather. Gotta use those passes! Looking forward to the Flower and Garden Show at EPCOT.

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