Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Story: The Aftermath

Super cool Retreat Girlie Rings


Today I took Angela to the shuttle to the airport to fly back to VA. Her flight was canceled yesterday due to weather conditions in VA. We took our bonus day and went to see Avatar. Holy cow, what a stylistically beautiful film. The art and technology was amazing - the story well, rather familiar (hello, Fern Gully and Eragon). I am loving 3D.

I need a day or two of reorganizing. I have stuff everywhere! And tons of new stuff. And unfinished projects - Oh My! Hopefully I can find homes for everything.

I will post pictures soon of the projects and more photos from our photo shoot at the beach. And me in my new glasses - with orange flourishes, thank you very much.

There are stories to tell. There are memories to record. There are people to thank.

More later...

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