Thursday, January 28, 2010

The new glasses story

I have a new prescription for glasses. As some of you will remember, last time I got new glasses it was a nightmare of wrong prescriptions, remakes, bobbles and bungles.

Right now my life is very b-u-s-y! I have been carrying this new prescription in my wallet for 3 weeks hoping the planets would align for the perfect situation. Yeah, so much for fearless. Tuesday, I went to my favorite optician at Target and talked to her about my new prescription. She was able to talk me off the ledge and we decided to go ahead and order new glasses.

OK, imagine you are "severely myopic" (or nearly blind in laymen's terms) and you are choosing new frames. Can you see your face in the frames? Nope. I did the best I could with my nose practically touching the mirrors and chose a pair.

I chose my second choice. The ones that I loved were really funky with this orange flourish on the sides but I decided they were not everyday enough. I went with the more plain jane pair that seemed more practical.

I told my sister that I picked new frames and ordered new glasses. "WITHOUT ME?!" she gasped in horror. "Ummm, yeah." Then I gave her the ten reasons that I needed to do it then and she just stood there looking at me, "Seriously?! WITHOUT ME?"

I took her to Target to show her the frames that I chose. Even blind as a bat standing there in the chosen frames, I could see and feel the energy coming off of her. Let's just say it was not positive. Steff did not say a word. Then she said, "OK."

I KNEW that meant. It meant - are you kidding me? You picked those?! You really can't see anything can you. What were you thinking? What am I going to say now cos I HATE them. And you ordered them and you are going to wear those for three years and I hatehatehate them. What do I say now?!

Lori, my lovely Target optician, has been watching this exchange and she quietly says to us, "It is not too late - we can change them."

Steff says, "Let me see the ones you loved". I put them on and she says, "YES! So cute. So you. WHY did you not ordered these?!" I explained to her about the orange flourish - what if I was wearing pink? What if I was dressed up (as if!)?

Long story short(er) - we canceled the "safe" (and apparently hideously ugly) glasses and ordered the orange flourish glasses.

It now says on my file "Do not take an order from customer without her sister. If she shows up alone - SEND HER HOME!"


Sara said...

I totally feel your pain, I have been wearing glasses since I was 4 and I hate the eye doctor appts. worse than ANYTHING (dentist, OB/GYN, etc). Its a hard TEST to read all those small letters! My eyes have been getting progressively better these last few years though...My eye dr. has a cool thing where when you put the glasses on, there is a little camera, you can stop the image and then look at it with your glasses on to see how you look - its awesome, and definitely better than squinting to see how you look! I too got some cute, out of the ordinary frames this time around - they are COACH! LOL! They have little sparkles on the them! Thanks for sharing!

Shelley said...

Sounds like you made the right choice! Sisters know best.....(at least that's what I always tell my sissy - ha!)

Sandi Keene said...

Sara- Your Coach glasses sound great. I would love to see them! No Coach glasses at Target :)I want the camera thing your Doc has. How cool- and why don't all places have that?!

Shelley - Sisters do know best because they know you better than anyone and not at all afraid to tell you the truth whether thru words or the lack thereof!