Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Why do we so struggle with "enough"? Whether it is "am I doing enough?" or "am I enough?" or why don't I just scream "ENOUGH!"

Enough is such a silly looking word. It doesn't even look like how it sounds. It should rhyme with "dough" and be "e-no" which should be an animal found only in the swankiest of zoos. Instead it is a word that seems to be dragged around heavily, clumsily behind us like a sack of bricks getting underfoot to trip us up as we are make our way through the day.

I hate watching others struggle. I am not a big fan of struggling myself. There is a reason there is an "UGG!" in the middle of that word. It is taxing and moan inducing. I hope that as we encounter each other struggling with enough that we can be extra gentle and offer an encouraging hand, a sympathetic ear and a soft whisper of "you are and always will be enough. Just as you are."

Enough already.


sarah said...

someone once said to me, "good enough never is."

i hate that saying.

weekly, i say "sometimes good enough is."

Sandi Keene said...

I agree, Sarah. Perfectionism is highly overrated and dangerous.