Thursday, November 19, 2009

Project 365

I hit the Dollar Spot at Target this week. I love their $1 rolls of wrap. I bought some last year and discovered that they are perfect for shirt sized boxes and smaller. I roll them out on my craft table and "cut" off pieces by using a metal edged 18" ruler and tearing. It is SO much faster than scissors. I was able to zoom thru the wrapping of all the smaller gifts especially stocking stuffers.

Faster + easier = making my goal of completed by 12/01. I like December for celebrating and relaxing not for preparation.

Speaking of preparations, I was out shopping with Steff yesterday and the roads and stores are crowded with people. There was this weird scent of desperation in the air. Everyone was stressed, impatient and frankly, cranky! Once that happens, I need to be out of the picture as we were noticing that we were getting cranky ourselves. That is not what Christmas is about!

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Shelley said...

Thanks for reminding me about Target! That store is my happy place!