Monday, October 26, 2009

catch up

So nice to see fall colors and smell the distinct scent of pine, maples and oaks.

Yummy Asian food for lunch on Saturday in Charlottesville. Bobbie, I thought of you the whole time.

This is clearly NOT Florida. What a treat this park was despite the rain.

Spending time with Cassie and Saba.

Missing loved ones, fall colors, apple cider and Trader Joe's.


Anonymous said...

It was so glad to have you guys come and visit Richmond! Thank you for driving all those miles to see us! Miss you already! Can't wait until Christmas!

Cassie and Saba

Bobbie said...

GAH! That is my favorite dumpling/noodle place on the mall. I actually miss it fairly frequently. Sigh. Noooot quite enough to move back, of course. :) Glad you got a little taste of fall and to see Cassie!