Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Top Ten

It has been WAY too long since I have done a Top Ten. And since I am up to my hard drive in California pictures which evoke so many great memories, the topic was a given.

Vacation Top Ten (in no particular order):

1.Eating outdoors as the hummingbirds buzzed us and the cool breezes left us giggling with glee.

2. Seeing vineyards on either side of the road and as far as your eye could see in every direction.

3. Just standing and soaking up the so very different from home views.

4. Eating fresh picked produce that was fantastically delicious.

5. Seeing the Pacific Ocean draped in heavy fog that drifted in and out like the waves. There were times when you could not see anything but the shoreline and could only guess what was out there. (And it was COLD!)

6. I have always had a thing for grapes - love grape motifs, love the purple and green color combo. It doesn't get any prettier than this:

7. Sharing this experience with these two guys. They were great companions.

8. Seeing a great movie. We saw Up and all loved it. Haven't been to a theatre in about a year. This one had a huge food court in it. It was vacation so we had the TUB o' popcorn and the VAT o' soda. What a treat!

9. Flowers everywhere. Ooh, the flowers.

10. Experiencing the Pacific Ocean together for the first time. We have this same shot in the Atlantic and now in the Pacific.

Ten hardly scratches the surface...


Shelley said...

So many fantastic photos! I especially loved the one of your feet in the ocean!!!

Bobbie said...

Amazing : ) I love and miss you and your family very much.

Sara said...

I was just thinking about doing a top 10 from my vacation last week in NC, you have inspired me...I'll do it this weekend...came home with pneumonia. Love the grapes picture!