Thursday, July 23, 2009

Project 365

I have been preparing the pics needed for my class with Donna Downey this weekend. I decided to do them in vintage grungy tones to help with color clashing. Pretty excited about this class where we are making an entire album in 5 hours - lots of painting, fabric, molding paste and wire ala Donna.

I have been watching Donna's development into a confident artist/scrapper for about 3 years now. She has been committed to trying new things, breaking down boundaries and going for it. You have to admire that kind of commitment to her passion. I would like to attend her Inspired event perhaps in 2010 (are you with me, Barbara?).

BTW, Michael's has lots of new scrapbooking/stamping products in as they redo their craft area. Found some great stuff and even brought a few things home with me. All the new clear stamps were pretty cool - especially Kolette Hall's designs for Hampton Art.

Also preparing for California - Napa Valley. I looked up the locations for Jamba Juice and In and Out Burger - if you can think of any other west coast eateries etc. that we need to check out, please let me know!


Sara said...

Pinks is awesome too, but I think they are only in LA...That class sounds AWESOME!! We want to hear all the details!

Shellmo said...

Love that photo of the 2 of you! You both look happy and carefree!!