Thursday, June 25, 2009

Ugly art explained

See this? I painted this canvas last week. When you see it, what words come to mind? I think "pretty" or "nice colors".

Do you think "grungy", "expressive", "whimsical", "messy" or "ugly"? No.


The point is that I can't seem to get out of "pretty". I WANT to do "ugly" art. And to be specific -I mean ugly as the opposite of pretty and embodying the words listed above. I also have not been able to do "heavily layered and embellished". Look at what Christine Middlecamp does, like this and this. I want to do that. I know it is not my style but I need a bit more of that in me. When I try it, I get this.

Not even close. She has many many layers - I have four. Kinda pathetic.

So, for my latest "dare" (my one word for the year), I am going to paint until I have layers and layers of "ugly" (whimsical, expressive, grungy) art. I will post my progress and rant about where I get stuck. I will spare you the self analysis of how this happened and just channel my inner Kal Barteski and GO. DO.

and shut up already and go paint. Meet you back here for results. The good, the bad, and hopefully - finally - THE UGLY.

I'm going - I'm going.

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