Sunday, May 24, 2009


Working on the wedding photos. There are so many just gorgeous ones. How lucky are we?

This is quick little project I made to send to Elizabeth. She will enjoy getting some pictures of Barbara and I in the mail.

For Memorial Day, if you are a crafter, consider this as a project. ( Cards for Heroes) You send handmade cards to soldiers that they then use to send greetings home to their families and friends. What a great idea! Steff and I are getting together on Tuesday to make some.

BTW - the rain has slowed down to 2-3 downpours per day. Right now the sun is out - we need things to dry up so badly!


Shellmo said...

I love the cover on this - especially the title on the little pink flower! :-)

Sara said...

Beautiful wedding photos, thanks for sharing! I hope things dry up for you soon! We had a beautiful is cool but sunny...