Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ten Things from the Weekend

1. Use tiny type stamps as a texture on a page.

2. When you see someone doing something cool with a stamp - copy it!

(using a single flower stem to create a garland effect.)

3. Stacy Julian is on to something in this book!

4. Sometimes creative inspiration can come from new books.

5. Teresa Collins' hard to find new 6x12 collection is at Archivers.

6. Finding a new restaurant that you love is such fun!

7. Scrapbookers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.

8. New experiences (MARTA) can be a bit uncomfortable but are important to broaden your life.

9. Crowne Plaza has some of the most comfortable hotel beds you have ever slept on

10. There is no place like home - getting away is just what I needed. And going home even nicer.


Shellmo said...

I love those stamped pages - and I noticed that little bird too - like it!

Sara said...

Love that stamping technique, I have a great 8.5x8.5 scrapbook to cover and decorate, I'm going to try that! Thanks for sharing all the fun with us! I know I really appreciate it!