Monday, May 4, 2009

Stories, stories, stories...

Barbara buying a MARTA card.

Ok, I have slept a few hours and showered so I am up for some story telling. My poor hands are so dry from frequent hand washing that I am slathering on the cream. I think I will always associate this trip with Swine Flu because that is all that was on the news the entire trip as Barbara and I were in airports and on public transportation.

Me at the MARTA station dragging back suitcases filled with goodies from Scrap Etc.

The hotel was very pretty and across the street from a mall with a Maggiano's with a free shuttle. We took the shuttle for lunch twice to Maggiano's and had relaxing, delicious food. What a treat that was. We met the nicest shuttle driver who told us in the 5 minute shuttle ride all about her love of strawberry daiquiris and her grandchildren who call her Big Mama. We called her Big Mama whenever we saw her and she called us "My Scrapbook Ladies". Every story started "Giiiiiirrrrrrl, let me tell you..." Loved her! Only in the south, baby!

I wish I had the opportunity to take a pic with Big Mama!

The hotel-

The classes were amazing.

Ready for action!

Barbara and I both said that this is the only event we have ever gone to that we loved every class, every instructor and every project. There is usually one class that is just not your style - this line-up was stellar!

In order of my schedule:

Melodee Langworthy - I did not know Melodee's work. Loved the mini-album we made in her class. She is very 7 Gypsies, Art Warehouse, Creative Imaginations. Hello, my peeps. Great teacher, great style. I loved her so much I bought a kit for her travel album which was fantastic. I went with a limited budget so to spend $45 on a kit was a huge endorsement.


Cutie Elizabeth K.

Elizabeth Kartchner - Possibly the cutest woman in scrapbooking. Loved her! While I knew her name, I was not particularly familiar with her style. We made an adorable mini album in her class. Very cute and tons of fun to assemble. She was so sweet and told us repeatedly how "awesome" we were. Gotta say, I loved her!

Gretchen McElveen - we made 6 layouts and 6 cards in Gretchen's class. She has a very laid back style. Her only teaching request is that "if your layout comes out better than mine, don't show me". Funny, sweet and so talented.



Jessica Sprague - It is no secret that I love this woman. Wonderful teacher, amazing classes. Now here is the surprise - she is not just the calm, effective teacher on her videos. She is fun, funny and can be silly. Not at all what I expected - I was thinking "reserved". Wrong! FUN!


Jenni B

Jenni Bowlin - soft, gentle, beautiful woman. Her vintage, retro style is so cool. I always learn something way outside my usual style from her. I want to have lunch and talk for hours about her creative dreams. She is getting ready to teach a class at BPS that sounds amazing and different from anything BPS has ever done before. I am very intrigued!


Margie RA
Margie Romney-Aslett - Irreverent, hysterically funny, life of the party. Oh, and great teacher. But seriously, the project is the cherry on the cupcake with Ms Margie. You just want to crop with her all night long. She kept the not at all "silent" auction going like a pro. Over $4000 was raised for Breast Cancer over the weekend from 90ish women (it was a very intimate crowd this year - small and personal - loved that!). I know that Margie was the reason that the bidding went so high. She had cute nicknames for every bidder including - "that girl that was in my class today" which was a scream because we had ALL been in her class that day, the fiery redhead, cat lover, New Kids on the Block girl and Redneck from Washington DC. Hysterical and absolutely a highlight of the weekend. Run to take a class with this woman!! Doesn't matter if you scrapbook or not, it is worth the price of admission to just listen to her. Margie is getting ready to announce her newest creative venture "The Girl's Loft". Can't wait to see what she has in store.
Ok, more stories later!


Grace said...

So jealous looks like it was a great event! What is a Marta Station? Was it better than last year? I am so glad you had a wonderful time. Wish I could have come with my Sara!! Did Jenni Bowlen do those bingo cards again? or did she do something else also? Hugs Miss U lots Grace

Sandi Keene said...

The MARTA is the railway system or "train" that is the public transportation in Atlanta. Kinda like riding the subway in NYC.

It was different than last year. Each have their merits. This year was much more laid back, slower, more intimate and funnier. It was less inspirational and emotional than last year. I would be hard pressed to pick one as better than the other. Very different experiences.

Jenni did the bingo card project as a bonus. We did a very cool layout using new products. Loved it. It was very artsy, vintage and outside the box.

We missed you and Sara very much!!

Sara said...

Thanks soooo much for sharing! I looks and sounds like you had a great time! We'll definitely have to plan to meet at an event soon -- did you guys try/get into CE this year?

Sandi Keene said...

Barbara and I both got into CE BUT declined. At this event, we met people were that were still waiting to get in and quite a few that had also declined. I would love to know if the event fills or if the economy is hitting Heidi too.