Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time for a list...

Ten Pet Peeves-
  1. The cost of prescription drugs. Just picked up a load and with insurance it was $200 (gasp!)
  2. Tiny parking spots - I am a minivan driver - I need some room!
  3. Salads that are filled with the ribs from lettuce and not the green leafy part.
  4. Bathroom stalls that are so small that you can't move in them or close the door without straddling the toilet.
  5. Printer ink that is $25 and has a tablespoon of ink in them (hello, Dell - you suck!).
  6. Spam emails.
  7. Links that take you on a wild goose chase trying to find the article they are referencing.
  8. Reruns of my favorite - been waiting all week - TV shows.
  9. Four judges on American Idol - I only want to hear Simon anyway.
  10. Results shows that are an hour long and filled with recaps and filler. We only need the last 5 minutes.

So, that is my list. Tell me what is on your pet peeve list, please!

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Sara said...

Pet peeves for me include:
1. Overly loud people who always seem to end up next to me.
2. People who try to force things on me like their beliefs, opinions and favorite foods (especially at those tasting things at the food store).
3. Stupid people (enough said!)
4. People who don't use their blinker when they are turning.
5. People who park too closely and ding your car doors - I had someone with 4 kids park right next to me at Home Depot when there were plenty of other spots for them to park that weren't right on top of me and my semi-new car!
6. All the junk mail I get in my mailbox...99% of the mail is garbage!
7. When people forward you a "must see" link to a web page that is not where they expected -- because they are signed in to some special section.
8. All those people who say, if I can do it, you can do it! (especially when it comes to losing weight).
9. Robo phone calls, if the person really wanted to sell you something, they wouldn't start off with a recorded message!
10. The fluctuation of the price of gasoline -- just make up your mind and don't change HOURLY.