Saturday, April 11, 2009


You have one day in San Francisco. What are the must do's?

Thank you for your help!


Shonna said...

I would definitely go to Alcatraz and take the tour. Alcatraz is located off of the Fisherman's warf (I think it is called Pier 39) and there are shops and good places to eat. I also like going down "Lombard" street. It is a curvy windy street and it is a pretty sight. There is Chinatown (interesting) and Haight Ashberry (where the hippie movement began) there are lots of shops. I love San Franscisco!! Have fun!!

Sara said...

I went before the big earthquake back when... but you have to go to Fisherman's warf and the place where Irish Coffee began (I totally forget the name of the place, but I know its right on the Wharf). The other thing we did in CA that was awesome was to drive up the coast to Big Sur, etc. I found this good site for things to do:

Have FUN!