Friday, March 20, 2009


A busy day of getting things ready for the bridal shower tomorrow. My niece is getting married in May.

First, groceries at WalMart. I hate Walmart. But it is cheaper for large quantities than Target.

And now we will cook. Wait a minute is that...

Yeap, dog puke on the newly cleaned floors. Nice start to our day. WalMart and puke.

So we start preparing food...

See how much I love cooking? It is right up there with WalMart and puke.

Meatballs and sausage - goes with the baked ziti we made.

And now adding ribbons to the balloons. Yeah, we can make that work.

How much do I love cooking? THIS MUCH!


Grace said...

I love that picture but it doesn't look like you really hate cooking! lol everything looks adorable I hope she had a great day filled with lots of gifts! Grace

Shellmo said...

Everything looks wonderful!