Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hmmm - Not so much

I am going to say something that is shocking... to me.

I don't like this Jessica Sprague class (Digi in Deep).

I am a huge fan. I think she is a wonderful teacher. I loved my other classes I took with her. This one... not so much.

I hate this layout. I did not enjoy this lesson. I don't have small kids so the childish overall look is so not appealing. I did things on this layout that I would never do again. Zigzag stitching? Yuck. A star background? Ick. My seamless blend of two photos is very seamed - couldn't get it right and do not care. Bleck. I somehow lost the shadowing on my journaling block. Whatever.

I know - not everything can be just up your alley... your cup of tea... etc. And some of the stuff that I am learning is good but enough to warrant the time and money I have put into this class? The jury is still out.

Shocking, I say.

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Sara said...

Doesn't seem your style at all...and I still maintain, I am NOT a digital scrapbooker! I don't care how much people tell me its wonderful, if I wanted to create layouts in Photoshop -- Elements or otherwise -- I would be a graphic designer, not a scrapbooker! LOL! So there, I'm right beside you on the soap box today! Hope you are feeling good!