Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Soaking in healing goodness

Yesterday Steff came and got me and we went to the beach for lunch. It was a gorgeous day here. Sunny and 70's with a nippy breeze. We had lunch at a restaurant with an outdoor deck on the beach. The service was very slow and that made it our lunch just right. We sat soaking in the warm rays for about 1.5 hours in total. I actually have some sunburn on my nose and chest. I can't tell you how good that felt. It made a huge difference in the way I feel.

Sara, I wish you could have been sitting there in the healing sunshine as well! Hope you are continuing to recover!

Last night I slept on my side for about an hour. It was SO nice to not sleep on my back even for just a little. I was using Joe as support so he was probably pretty happy when I rolled back off him but I loved it.

I miss my craft room like crazy. I have been doing my Project 365 but that is about it. I hope to get back to crafts fairly soon. And driving...driving would be good. It's coming.

It is all coming.


Sara said...

Warm sun, sand and surf sounds heavenly! I wish I could be there too! I am feeling good, and you are right, being able to move side to side is a BIG improvement -- my back just hurt so much not being able to move too much. I used Martin as my support and made him lean up against a pillow for me too! Your body is in such a delicate balance, and when something gets "changed" it makes a big difference! Glad you can get back to crafting soon -- I'm feeling the same way, used my new Bind it All last night! Take it slow, don't overdo it on the "good days" -- you will get there all in good time!

Grace said...

Sara just told me you had your so fast! I am glad turned out well and you are recovering. You are so lucky to be in a warm place with cheery sunlight and great friends to hang out with! Speedy recovery...Hugs Grace xoxoxxo

Shellmo said...

How are you feeling?? I need details! Sunshine is definitely a healing factor!