Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode to the Two Week Mark

photo by Barbara M.

Two weeks post surgery. I am feeling 95% normal. I still tire a bit easier and my stamina is not all the way back but mostly, I can go hours before I remember "oh yeah...". That is huge.

I am a healthy person. Oh sure, we all have a few things, but essentially, healthy. I do not like going to the doctor but I generally do as I am supposed to do. Being "sick" is not something I am very good at. I struggle with what am I supposed to be doing with this. I feel like crap and I am non-stop vomiting and in pain. I am probably am going to have to do something but ...I don't want to step onto that merry go round. It is SO hard to get back off. But I did, cos I had to.

I now have a gastroenterologist and a freak show savant surgeon. Hope to never see the surgeon again because he is well... a freak show. Every medical person I talked to said, " He is (weird, not a nice person, odd, a strange bird) BUT he is the most medically proficient surgeon in the county." What I did not know when I was trying to decide whether to trust this rude little man with my life is that I needed the best.

It turns out that I have strange internal anatomy and my plethora of tests said one thing and the reality was very, very different. As Dr. Personality said, "You were not what I was expecting. I could have really hurt you." But he didn't and someone else nice/normal but less skilled may have.

So I am grateful for my odd little surgeon. Never want to see him again or try fruitlessly to have a conversation with him.

I have learned that closed MRI's are the pits. Hope that you have time to find an open sided one. It was 25 minutes of taking it in 5 second intervals "I can do this. Imagine a warm sunny beach. Holy Crap, there is that horrible noise again, I am stuffed into this tube, don't panic..." - repeat.

I have learned that angels can be disguised as nurses and your sister. And coincidences never are. And you can't repay, you just hope to pay it forward. And boring, routine healthy days are so very wonderful and should be savored. And friends make all the difference.

Thank you, friends. I think I am back.


Grace said...

Sending you lots of Hugs and squishes! Bad doctor Bad...Feel 100% soon you look great. Grace

Shonna said...

I am so happy you are feeling better. your Dr. sounds a lot like the "on call" Dr. that delivered my son...strange and not nice. I guess they don't have to take courses in bedside manner, huh?