Saturday, January 17, 2009


Project 365 - handmade book - first time binding a book for me.

Project 365 - My red cell phone. The color makes me happy.
I made this book using the techniques I learned in the Donna Downey Layers video. I did mine pretty differently from hers but yet the techniques are still the same.

Here is a peek inside...

at some of the pages and techniques I used for embellishing.
This will be used as an art journal for a challenge I am doing with my friend, Angela. soon as she is back from visiting her new grandson.


Shonna said...

Love the journal!!! Good job binding; it took me awhile to get the hang of my bind-it-all.

Angela said...

Sandi...journal is awesome! Love your color choices and different shaped pages. Not sure how it is bound...please 'splain. And how many pages are we doing??
Love it and so glad to be doing this challenge with you.