Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Walking IS good for you

There is a storm front moving in today. This is what it looks like in our neighborhood - wind whipping from different directions, swirling at times. The dark clouds are sailing past and it is all so very grey.

Lexi and I got to our walk with purpose this morning as rain is forecasted later. I gathered up all the junk that I need to take this walk - dog, leash, poopbag, keys, camera (with memory card inside!) and off we went.

I was thinking about my commitment for the day to my "one word" - Dare. I had already done 2 things this morning on my list.
  1. Email a local artist with whom I have been exchanging emails and invite her for coffee/tea.
  2. Choose a class from the Donna Downey downloads ($5 - yippee!) and purchase it.

As I was turning a corner, my next door neighbor appeared. She is a very nice lady, with whom I feel a sense of kindred spirit, but had not seen for months. She works full time and like all moms, leads a busy life. We stopped to chat and she said, " I have missed talking to you. Let's get together soon and maybe have a meal."

Did you see my 2009 wish?!


Shonna said...

Wow, that is really cool!!!!

Sara said...

Yay! That just goes to prove if you set a goal, you have a much better chance at achieving it! Good work this week, Sandi!