Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten Things

Ten things that brighten a funk-

  1. A good movie, especially a very familiar oft-watched romantic comedy

  2. A trip to a craft store

  3. A friendly email

  4. Catching up on blog posts like this one, this one and definitely this.

  5. Sitting in the warm sun and daydreaming

  6. Walking on the beach

  7. A well written book

  8. A hug
  9. Pedicure with bold, fun color
  10. A chat with a friend with lots of laughter

What brightens your day when you are in a funk?


Grace said...

Hey Honey Sara suggested I read this as to I am in such a bad funk. I don't think I have had it this bad in a while. I think the weather (miserable) has alot to do with it. I will start doing some of your suggestions...Please send me some Sun!!! Hugs Grace

Bobbie said...

Loving Ali's new nursery... so many bloggers expecting babies!

Shellmo said...

A lot of the things you listed would definitely take me out of a funk! Especially reading a good book - and I really love walking along our lake in the summer.