Thursday, January 15, 2009

Taking a chance

Yesterday I went to lunch with the local artist as I had mentioned. I was looking through Journal Revolution and saw her name and knew that she lives in town. Roben-Marie answered my email and was very friendly in her emails. I decided to be brave and ask her to meet. She said yes.

Before our lunch, I googled her to try and find a picture so I would recognize her. Pages of her accomplishments came up. I was intimidated - she is famous! I just kept saying - she is a person, she is friendly, just meet her as a person. I was nervous.

She was warm and open and lovely. We talked and talked about art, about scrapbooking, about ourselves. That felt so good.

I am blessed.

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Sara said...

How cool! I read her blog too! That's great that you guys got together! I met some work people while I was in Florida -- had talked and IMed with them for 3 years!