Friday, January 9, 2009

Community and connections

I am reading Kelly Rae Robert's Taking Flight as I have mentioned. Part inspirational guide, part autobiographical and part mixed media how to, this book has been a great way to start 2009 and my "dare" journey.

One part of the book that is really resonating with me is community. I have been so lax since moving here about establishing a community. I have my sister that I see nearly daily so I have let everything else slide.

When I moved here, I had just lost Joan and was deeply grieving that enormous loss. Finding new friends was not even on my radar. I had just lost my closest friend, had to put my old dog down, said goodbye to good friends and community, lived apart from Joe for 2 months while the house sold, finished up homeschooling Jarrett for a year out of desparation of a middle school in crisis, and was in the middle of therapy and dealing with issues that I had ignored for thirty years. A movie date with a girlfriend was pretty low on the survival list. I was standing in the living room of a new house surrounded by boxes, feeling emotionally exhausted and a To Do list that made my head spin.

Fast forward 20 months...

Now, it is time - or past time - or whatever. The important thing is that I am now ready. I want this. I need this. I need community in several forms:
  • online - that is you reading this plus the blogs that I follow
  • local friends - here in my town
  • long distance friends - my friends who are scattered across the east coast and TX.
  • artists/scrapbookers/crafters who share my passion/obsession/desire.
  • and of - my backbone, my heart.

I am making strides in the few days of January that have passed. I am committed to this. If you are reading this and you need community as well for support, encouragement and friendship, leave a comment and tell me what you are wanting and needing. We can cheer each other's attempts and successes, support each other's missteps and laugh together always. It is a good thing. Or just say hello. Seriously, do it.

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Shonna said...

I'm here for you!! I love the online art community because I really don't have anyone in my "real" life that does what I do. My mom does scrapbook, but that is about it. If you ever need to talk about anything, please e-mail me!!