Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Emily's prompt: do you believe in fairies?
Journaling on back: Faeries... don't you love the olde world spelling - it looks so pretty. The world of faeires and magic is a lovely place to spend an afternoon playing with a best friend with strap on wings and skirts of tulle, wearing daisy chain tiaras.
The lovely faery on my tag is by Shonna Bucaroff. Thank you, Shonna! She has a great Etsy shop.

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Shonna said...

I subscribe to your blog and when I pulled it up this morning, I thought to myself "That Fairy looks familiar. Oh, wait that is MY fairy!" (The coffe hadn't kicked in yet, so I was a little slow). I LOVE what you did with her!! So cute!!! Thanks so much for thinking to use her and for the shout out!!