Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's time for a Ten Things!

Ten Things that are Christmas Traditions in our family

  1. Opening stocking stuffers all day long Christmas Eve - one present per hour.

  2. Having fun finger food Christmas Eve for dinner - pizza bread, shrimp, crackers and cheese, beef stick, veggies and dip, etc.

  3. Opening gifts ONE at a time - taking turns.

  4. Taking very few or no photos. I want to live it not be behind a camera.

  5. Driving around looking at outdoor lights with hot chocolate.

  6. Kids can't go into the living room on Christmas morning until the parents turn on the lights on the tree, turn on the Christmas music and Dad makes coffee. Seriously, I am the Christmas Enforcer on this one - don't make me hurt you cos I will. Merry Christmas. (Yeah, there's a story.)

  7. There is always a treat for the pet(s) under the tree (Pounce cat treats, no matter what species you are)

  8. Chocolate must be found in Joe's stocking

  9. Christmas day lunch is usually take out Chinese. I don't usually cook on Christmas day with a few exceptions.

  10. Robes and pajamas are accepted dress all day long. Get dressed if you wanna but there is no rush!

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