Sunday, December 28, 2008

Daily December 12.24 &12.25 and more...


12.25 multi-page

Last page (sigh...)

I had SO much fun putting together this album and then documenting our December. Love this process.


This fabulous photo session of Tara Whitney's inspired me to try it on a much lesser scale. I printed off cutout mustaches from the web, embellished them and then told the gang to "look dastardly". We did OK. We are nothing if not willing to laugh and have a good time whatever the hairbrained request may involve.

We spent yesterday in Cocoa Village celebrating Bill's birthday.

Outdoor ice skating in the 80 degree day. Interesting!

A wild story being told.

It was a lovely day having fun together. Even the puppies came.

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Shellmo said...

Looks like a fun day! Love those puppies!