Thursday, December 4, 2008

Cropadile Envy

Yesterday my dad spent some time at my house while my mom attended a meeting. I gave him a stack of Flying magazines and cleaned off a space on my studio table for him. Meanwhile I started to unearth the surfaces that were covered with supplies, scraps and glue gobs. We chatted a bit and he even stopped reading to help me scrape dried glue off the table.
I worked for about an hour putting away, organizing, and throwing away. Finally I pulled out the baby wipes I use to clean my rubber stamps and started wiping down the now empty table. Dad looked up and he spotted my Cropadile standing up in a bucket on my lazy susan. "Hey, what's that?!"
I told him it is a Cropadile and explained that it is a heavy duty hole punch. I reached over, grabbed his magazine and easily punched a hole thru about 100 pages in his magazine. That really got his attention! "Would that punch through leather?" he asked. "Yes, leather, wood, acrylic, stacks of paper, masonite -pretty much anything you can fit in the punch area, it will punch." "You say, wood?" he asked with a far away look in his eye.
"That is the most impressive thing I have seen today". Yeap, I gave my gadget loving dad a new respect for scrapbooking. We have great tools.

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Shonna said...

I love my cropadile too!! I use it all of the time to punch holes in my wood ornaments. The best tool ever!!! Thanks for giving me the update on Holly. I am so glad your friend liked her!!